Oh nice, @dj@dj.je implemented editing of posts in his fork of microblog.pub! See here. Some reposts show edited version, for example look at the main page of @dev@microblog.pub . Although it seems like not everyone got a memo - for example, my instance still shows unmodified version.

Looking forward for this feature to appear in upstream microblog.pub! :goose_honk:

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@aleksey@shpakovsky.ru the basic support for receiving/processing update is already there, what's missing is sending update (and have the UI to support it).

I do see the updated version here, I think the update was only sent to the mentioned people/followers, if you received the object via an announce/share, that may explain why you haven't received it.

I would need to check how Mastodon/other implementations handle that.

(cc @dj@dj.je)

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@dev@microblog.pub @dj@dj.je oh right, indeed!

the update was only sent to the mentioned people

Yep, the only two blogs where I saw modified version are the overlap of people who were mentioned in that post and people who shared it.

It would be nice if the update would be sent also to those who shared / liked it, but I'll let you decide :)

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@aleksey@shpakovsky.ru @dev@microblog.pub Heck yeah! mbp already has a little bit of code to handle note updates, but admittedly I knew not every peer would copy the edits. I think the general issue lies within ActivityPub instead of mbp. Either way, I have a bunch of local changes that I should contribute upstream.