17776 is the Cowboy Bebop of hypertext fiction.

ssh roulette: a linux box with every port open and every port spoofing an ssh connection. all but one port are fakes and are watched by fail2ban. the true port allows root login.

dumb idea for a rainy day (or more likely, week/month): I wonder if Cloudflare Workers, Workers K/V, and R2 could be used to build a container registry. The (Docker) V2 Container Registry API is surprisingly simple, and shouldn't be too difficult to implement within the constraints of CF Workers.

About time I dusted this microblog...

Over this summer, I've been casually reading Red Team Blues by the marvelous Cory Doctorow, and I'm nearly at the end. When I heard Doctorow was crowdfunding a new book after I finished reading Walkaway last summer, I immediately made a Kickstarter account and pledged for a signed hardcover, and I can't wait to do that again for The Bezzle.

In the same manor as Walkaway, Red Team Blues is unlike any other 'sci-fi tech' novel I've ever read. Not only does this title hit close to home as a student pursuing cybersecurity & cryptography, but Trustlesscoin feels like it could become a real thing any day now (not that I'd back it, especially after reading this book).

If a "high-tech heist" book sounds like something you would enjoy, even if you're anti-cryptocurrency, you need to give Red Team Blues a read (or a listen, Wil Wheaton nails Marty's voice)!

cant believe we live in a world where i can share my contact details by handing you my used toothbrush head and instructing to tap it to your phone

I can't believe Cloudflare is putting loading screen tips in their bot-screening pages

I plan on publishing two articles before the end of the year, one on the services running on my VPS, and the other about the services running on my homelab.

Every masterpiece has its cheap copy.

Hmmmm... what if I made a Home Assistant integration for the Flipper Zero?

Can everyone collectively agree to kill LDAP? It's a giant outdated pain in the ass!

I should make a fake Discord activity that says I'm playing 7 Days to Die. After a while, I'll change it to 6 Days to Die, 5 Days, etc. I'm curious how many of my friends would pay attention...

I don't recall giving Ubuntu permission to advertise in my apt installs...

I don't use Spotify, but if I did, my wrapped would probably highlight my excessive binge-listening of MGMT's new 11-11-11 live album.

Going to start using public IP camera streams as sources of entropy.

The best way to apply for cyber security jobs is hacking in to their office network and sending your resume directly to their printer.

everybody gangsta until their fortune cookies start getting monetized

Ever since uninstalling Twitter, I feel less obligated to check my feed every morning. If I lagged a day or two, who knows how many Tweets I could have missed! It was artificial and unnecessary FOMO. Now with the fediverse, I only see a linear stream of posts from people I follow. I can easily scroll back in time to see if I missed any big news, and most importantly I don't feel like my every action is monitored. Ironically enough I left Twitter before there was talk of the muskrat takeover, but I guess my timing worked out well enough.