I'm glad to see so many new microblog.pub instances popping up! Shoutouts to the ones with theme overhauls, my personal favorites are @cocoa@thread.seam.rip, @andreas@social.avoel.de, @cwt@c3po.bashell.com, @blog@blog.nikisoft.one, and especially @ash@acegiak.net . Incredible work @dev@microblog.pub!

(If you can read this line, I've successfully implemented ActivityPub updates!)

CFedi — FediList demo.fedilist.com

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@andreas@social.avoel.de @cwt@c3po.bashell.com @blog@blog.nikisoft.one @ash@acegiak.net @dev@microblog.pub Oooh!.. Is it all done with CSS only?! Feels like CSS Zen Garden again: basically same content, but SO much different styles! Thanks @dj@dj.je for finding these! Good inspiration to uncover my CSS skills!

CSS Zen Garden - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org

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