About time I dusted this microblog...

Over this summer, I've been casually reading Red Team Blues by the marvelous Cory Doctorow, and I'm nearly at the end. When I heard Doctorow was crowdfunding a new book after I finished reading Walkaway last summer, I immediately made a Kickstarter account and pledged for a signed hardcover, and I can't wait to do that again for The Bezzle.

In the same manor as Walkaway, Red Team Blues is unlike any other 'sci-fi tech' novel I've ever read. Not only does this title hit close to home as a student pursuing cybersecurity & cryptography, but Trustlesscoin feels like it could become a real thing any day now (not that I'd back it, especially after reading this book).

If a "high-tech heist" book sounds like something you would enjoy, even if you're anti-cryptocurrency, you need to give Red Team Blues a read (or a listen, Wil Wheaton nails Marty's voice)!