do not update to Android 12

worst mistake of my life

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i've been putting it off for a few months now but lineage has been harrassing me about it on a weekly basis

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@unascribed Android 13 is alright. 12 is a buggy mess.

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@unascribed I updated to oxygenos 12 because I hoped it would fix a wired audio connection issue I had

the good news: it fixed it
the bad news: oh jesus christ why is everything so awful get me out of here

I ended up just moving to a custom ROM

in reply to this note I've kept my OnePlus 8 Pro on OOS 10 ever since I bought it. Once OOS 11 came out, I knew the the spirit of OxygenOS was dead. I also upgraded a family member's device to Android 12, and got a taste of this Material You bullshit. Why is everyone moving to rounded corners? Were people getting paper-cuts from the square corners on their screens? Also, which custom ROM did you move to?


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@dj @unascribed I ended up moving to EvolutionX